Master Service Agreement Traducere Romana

September 27, 2021

I read somewhere an analogy between SLL and prenups, which are only used if something unexpected happens and logic loses in terms of emotional choices. An SSA should also indicate what happens when the customer uses external consultants working in a network managed by a managed service provider, what their skills should be, and what the provider`s responsibilities are. The purpose of the SSA is not to block the relationship with the customer or to subordinate him to the supplier, but to essentially ensure a real relationship between the level of responsibility of the supplier, the services provided and his payment. The purpose of SLA Apparently simple, a service contract involves a very high dose of contingencies, and the SLA must identify and mention any scenario of the business relationship. If the provider z.B. the SSA must indicate whether, and under what conditions, a third party can access a customer`s data, how the data is protected and what access restrictions are. General or personalized? The most common approach to setting up an SSA provides for two documents: a General Service Contract (MSA), which defines the service and responsibilities in a very broad plan and is a single document for all customers, and the SSA itself, which sets out the one-off terms for each client and the expectations of each party. In the conversations we`ve had with several key people in some companies in the ASP (Application Service Providers) and MANAGED SERVICE Provider (MSP) categories, the central element of any discussion about SSA with a customer is that it doesn`t create unrealistic expectations.