Vhda Compliance Agreement

April 14, 2021

Agencies seeking funding should contact the VHDA`s Communication on Funding Opportunities (NOFO), which vhdagrants.com/ VHDA`s grant management system. If you have any questions about this program or your application, please contact Frank Curbeira, Strategic Accommodation Officer, at (804) 343-5818. All applicants have the opportunity to apply for debriefing vhdagrants@vhda.com within 30 days of authorization or refusal. This program is an intensive 18-month process in which organizations analyze up to three existing programs and dive deep to assess and improve program inefficiencies. In collaboration with a VHDA-approved consultant, organizations evaluate program results, identify and implement technology solutions. and receive an action plan to address other programs. Approved agencies must comply with the VHDA Capacity Building Handbook. Click on the document below for a detailed explanation of the extent, payment and reporting obligations. Funds are allocated on the basis of an assessment of the Agency`s application and the availability of VHDA credits. Selected agencies will receive a Grant Award Notification (GAN) and a grant agreement if they are approved for premium funds. Agencies must return the signature page of the grant agreement to the VHDA with the signature of an authorized representative. WebEx Update: virginiahousing.webex.com/virginiahousing/j.php?MTID=mf7f427ada2d50adc37b0cbce37e86605 VHDA Capacity Building Grant Tier Tier 3 – Program Enhancement – Deadline Evaluation: Pre-Application Closes February 28, 2021 at 11:59 a.m.m. REACH Virginia FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: VHDA reinvests a portion of our net revenue through REACH Virginia (Resources Enabling Affordable Community Housing in Virginia) in Virginia communities.

It is a complex resource that VHDA uses to support important housing initiatives through our homeownership, Rental and Community Outreach programs. Interested applicants must pre-register by February 28. VHDA selects up to four (4) candidates who work with improvement consultants to complete the full application by April 30. The intent of Tier 3 Capacity Building Grant – Enhancement Program – Evaluation is to fund non-profit organizations that want to improve a current program in order to achieve better results.