Trade Agreements Kingmaker

April 13, 2021

It`s exactly as you should, actually. IMC, a crew of mivoni river traders, turned to the pcs to build the trade agreement on the).). (Their leader was one of the potential romantic interests I set up for the baron of the time, a cannon chick of the Lord-Epenimist Mivoni, who entered completely into the rank of his general after challenging her for a trial duel.) The baron then came up with the idea of approaching Varnhold and Rostland with a similar destination and assumed it. The agreement with Mivon is based on river trade to the north along the Little Sellen (you will notice on the River Nations map that the small sellen leads directly to Mivon) because the East Sellen is currently blocked by the Boggards, the Mivoni merchants want to use the PC kingdom to get to Brevoy. Any commercial bonus offered by Brevoy will eclipse that offered by Klein-Varnhold or even Mivon. How can I give a commercial bonus for these “other colonies” when I am still able to answer the “Brevoy question” when my pcs ask? It`s the mechanics. The aspect of the story I described was that the dwarves exchange extracted goods to the PCs (i.e. an increase in their economy), and in exchange, the dwarves asked for the information traffic of personal computers on activity in the stolen countries. Because PCs were much more advanced and had many more connections, dwarves could take advantage of having eyes/ears in the fields to update them because they remain “trapped in their mines,” as dwarves tend to do. They benefit from each other in an area where they need help. I try to find, with offers and negotiation agreements, some situations of foreign dignitaries and organizations that come to the PCs.

I want to produce them in different ways, from trade agreements and military pacts with other nations to situations that constitute a dilemma, such as a political figure of another nation stalked by its enemies seeking asylum, or various ecclesiastical organizations that offer “gifts” to the kingdom, in exchange for their influence to grow in their kingdom, be it a neutral deity or a diabolical one. I thought the PCs would want to act with Varnhold – since they have already established a friendly alliance with the nation – and try to bring the kingdoms closer together by bringing Maegar`s daughter (an NPC supplement I made to the game) to the pcs baron. BMI, Varnhold developed some mines, and my pc kingdom was very agricultural (they exploited all the hex they could), so the trade agreement with Varnhold was for Varnhold metals for Chymal cereals (their kingdom). Edit: They also had some kind of mutual agreement on the defence of borders, where they agreed to protect each other`s borders from difficulties. What can I ask for, is the nature of the trade agreement with Mivon and Varnhold? Event Economy Rank 7, you can agree on trading with Daggermark. Andoran Eagle Knights – In search of a slave trader “kriminom” who fled into the River Kingdoms. Or recruit. Or to want to establish some kind of “message” to spread their model of free men, and a sanctuary for ex-slaves fleeing into the kingdoms of the river.

The fun part is then imagine what form the trade comes to explain in the bonuses (if this part is important to you). With Robert`s idea (where you can choose which statistics you receive a bonus), you can say that an economic boost is a simple trade deal: goods for goods or goods for cash.