Afme Agreement Among

April 8, 2021

Today, AFME`s High Yield Division updated many of its standard forms to establish best practices for the sector. The documents were updated as part of AFME`s general review of standard documentation and following buy-and-sell discussions among high-yield AfME members to maintain and improve business practices in the European high interest rate market. Because listing practices may vary with respect to non-sovereign investment debt, AFME has also developed new guidelines for recommended listing practices to promote best practices in this area across the sector. All updated forms are available on the AFME website. The revised documents include updated disclosure guidelines, which were last revised in December 2011. It is hoped that these guidelines will help the market resolve issues such as the use of passwords and other restrictions that restrict access to information on obligations on issuers` websites, as well as general issues of transparency and transparency regarding the terms and structures of agreements. The information contained here is not legal advice and should not be construed as such. Gary Simmons, Managing Director of AFME`s High Yield Division, said: “It is important that changes to our standard forms are adopted across the industry to promote best practices in the high-yield bond market. A number of stakeholders from across the industry have made a valuable contribution to the review of these documents and we hope that they will help resolve some of the issues we have brought to our attention with respect to structure, disclosure and transparency. The book JargonĀ® – European Capital Markets and Bank Finance is one of the fields of industry practice and glossary published by Latham and Watkins.

Definitions provide an introduction to all concepts and can raise complex issues requiring specific legal advice. Conditions may also change if existing laws and standard practices change. In general, this glossary was written from the perspective of European practice. AFME has also updated its boiler plate prospectus sections, including: AFME`s standard first-time buyers` agreement (AAIP) forms – both New York and English – are also being updated to reflect market developments since its last update (z.B the US JOBS Act and the European Banking Resolution and Recovery Directive). The book JargonĀ® is available on the App Store and Google Play.