Yacht Broker Listing Agreement

April 16, 2021

5) OPEN NO-EXCLUSIVE LISTING: This allows you to sell your own boat and also list your boat for sale with any number of other yacht brokers. You will notice that brokers do not favour open listings as aggressively as centralized ads, simply because there is a probability that the boat will be sold by someone else and that their efforts will be wasted. An open list is better than no list – you still benefit from most of our expertise and success in Internet marketing – but it will limit the marketing exposure your boat can receive, which can lead to slower selling. This centralized listing agreement defines the conditions under which MYERS YACHT SALES, LLC., known as broker, undertakes to manage the sale of the vessel described below on behalf of the signed owner/agent, as the owner. Ship Name__________________________ year _________Length_________Mfg ______________________Model_______________ type ________________Hull-ID #___________________________________ doc. ___________________State Reg – This agreement applies for 90 days from that date and after that date, until it is revoked by a 60-day written notification from one of the parties. _____________initial broker has the exclusive right and power to sell the ship described above at the list price of `9`. The holder acknowledges that he understood the terms of this Agreement and the receipt of a signed copy, that this document represents the entire agreement of the parties, that I have not received any other insurance, guarantee, guarantee of sale or promise of any kind than that which is exposed, and that this agreement is binding on all heirs, executors, successors and beneficiaries of the transfer of owners and brokers. 3. The owner undertakes to grant easy access to the vessel at all times to show that all requests from brokers or other interested parties are referred in due course to brokers to show that it is not used by the owner; inform the broker if the vessel is moved or temporarily unavailable; During the duration of the agreement, brokers display a “for sale” and replace the sign when it is removed while the ship is in use.

1) CENTRAL LISTING: The most convenient and effective way to list your boat for sale is to have us process under a centralized list. This means that Anchor Yachts is the only agent to put the boat up for sale. We will make all requests for your boat, both by potential buyers and by other yacht companies. You don`t have to do anything. Since we are only allowed to publish central listings on the best MLS websites, a central list is by far the most effective way to make your boat available to any other yacht broker in the country (and around the world) as well as to the general public. Finally, because the people who list their boats centrally with us have committed to having us sell their boat, we naturally feel obliged to pay maximum attention and attention to our central lists. 8. In the event of a dispute, claim, questioning or disagreement resulting from our agreement or violation, the parties that will result will do their best to resolve such disputes, claims or disagreements. To this end, they advise and negotiate in good faith in order to reach a fair and equitable solution that is satisfactory to both parties.