What Is A Pre Agreement

April 15, 2021

The offer shows the total cost of your credit contract. In a pre-agreement statement, the terms and conditions are explained. The repayment plan provided to the borrower at the time of the conclusion of the loan agreement is indicative. This means that the amounts and composition (sum of principal and interest payments) of the planned payments, as well as the balance of the loan, may in fact differ from what is indicated in the repayment plan, depending on the date of repayment of the loan and the actual dates of the payment collection. 1. Amount and currency of the loan requested (see point 1.1 of the agreement) 13. Obligation to open and transfer income At the time of the contract, the borrower must have opened an account with SEB Pank on which the loan is paid and from which the loan contract payments are debited by the bank. Under the agreement, the borrower assumes the obligation to transfer his income to the aforementioned account. 15. Loan Repayment Plan After the loan agreement is concluded, the borrower can ask the bank employee for an indicative repayment plan.

Remember that you do not have to accept the offer, sign or pay a fee at this point. Use the 5 business days allowed to make sure you fully understand the agreement and check the impact of the total cost on your portfolio before making a decision. The credit contract defines, among other things, your responsibility to the credit provider. The following information must be included in the credit agreement and explained to you: 8. Specific terms and agreements agreed in the loan agreement (see The Special Terms clause in the contract). For most regulated credit contracts, companies are required to provide this information in a format that covers the main features of the proposed credit contract. The format is prescribed by the Consumer Credit Directive and defined in the Consumer Credit (Disclosure of Information) Regulations 2010. It is known as the European Consumer Credit Information Form (SECCI). 12. Non-recurring charges related to the conclusion of Agreement 12.1.