Output Condition Record For Scheduling Agreement

April 11, 2021

Hi friends, Is there a way to create a new type of output for multiple delivery plans (SA) in std sap? I want to create Spool to print several SA. — Sent by my Ragards Parag mobile device The delivery plan is being developed. After the planning lines are updated, the corresponding requirement is communicated to the creditor via the EDI process. The identification of exits is carried out using the output media under the term “EDI.” Here, for any change in quantity or other details related to the delivery plan, the seller must be informed of the same possibility using other means (e-mail or fax) as the EDI. At the time of creation, the search for messages is carried out through the EDI. This requires maintaining the conditions for determining expenditure. In this case, it is possible to issue changes to the delivery plan via another support to the creditor. Can you give some indication of that requirement? spro – Materials Management – News – Exit Control – Delivery Plan – Table 503 created (for purchasing type and credit controller fields) and Table 504 created (for type of purchase) spro – Materials management – Purchasing – News – Exit control – Access sequences – Definition of key sequences for the delivery plan: I need help in kind to find a delivery plan. Manage packaging data in MN07 as requried. If I understood your question correctly. If the conditioning data is managed automatically, all your SL outputs should pass if thercondition records are already well maintained. Set up the new type of output for the email and try to do so. You can`t use a type of output for EDI and email.

Create a condition set for your combination using the MN07 transaction. So if you create evr an SA, the combination above will be selected. Check to see if every time the SA Sch line is released, you`ve made a setting to create a new edition. The three Tcks of the deterrence procedure should be checked. I`ve got the answer. No standard SAP functionality available, we need 2 BDCs for this. Appendixes: Up to 10 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 1.0 Mb and a total of 10.5 Mb. SPRO > MM > messages > control of outpuit > determination of MEssage > MEssage-Schema for SA > Assing-Nachrichtenschema for SA. .

Type of purchase document: LP, VN, Medium 2, Time 4 If you have an answer to this question, please use your answer form at the bottom of the page. . Now, when I do an SA and I go to the news, Media 1 is always chosen with time 1. So it seems that my customizing settings are not taken into account. When I do MN12 (Messages), I get what I expect. This one was filled: . You already have an active moderator warning for this content.